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2023, Japan, 29min

Director: Moe Wada


Kazuya Hiraide, the three-time Piolet d’Or winner for conquering the unclimbed routes of Kamet, Shispare and Rakaposhi, discovered an ideal route on the north face of Tirich Mir (7708m, Hindu Kush, Pakistan) 20 years ago. In late 2022, Hiraide invited Kenro Nakajima to climb it together. Nakajima has been his climbing partner since 2016. They leave the base camp to climb Tirich Mir without artificial oxygen or any major support. No one has climbed this route before, and they have no idea what kind of danger they are facing. After a hard struggle lasting 6 days and 6 nights, they managed to reach the summit of the mountain.


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