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26th of November to 12th of February

Sala Ondare Aretoa

Author: Museo Nazionale della Montagna 

The exhibition focuses on a selection of pieces from the Museo della Montagna's large collection of vinyl’s, which includes around one hundred and fifty mountain-themed items: cultural testimonies that photograph a particular world in a significant period of its history. Through a selection of this unique heritage - the object of a project of acquisition, study, cataloguing and digitisation - the exhibition follows, with an unprecedented interpretation, the evolution of both the communication strategies of the music industry and the taste for the representation of the mountain in the years 1970-2020.


29th of November to 12th of December

Atrio Edificio Ensanche

Author: Jon Martínez

This exhibition is not a social justice project or a feminist discourse, it is a way to make the female presence in mountain sports visible. A world that is almost always represented by a male figure. For Jon Martínez, the presence of women in the mountains is something normal, as he regularly goes climbing, mountaineering or ski mountaineering with them. From this coexistence and from observing how women are left in the background, the idea for this project was born to show that not only do they exist, but that, as well as being protagonists, some of them are also role models. It is about showing a truth and a reality that is unknown.


1st of November to 9th of January


Author: Arantza Saez de Lafuente

The natural area of wildland of Atxarte is located in the Urkiola Natural Park. A gorge in a valley squeezed between the Untzillaitz, Aitz Txiki and Alluitz mountains. Set among beeches, oaks, limestone and the river, there you will find the Chapel of Santo Cristo de Atxarte, the stone bridge and the remains of the old Atxarte mill. The ruins of the old Atxarte quarries can still be found among such beauty. These quarries exploited the rocky area where the Atxarte Climbing School is located for decades. A natural place where climbers opened the first routes more than 70 years ago, and today, people of all ages and conditions enjoy this landscape in the middle of nature.


1st of December to 9th of January

Auditorio Itsasmuseum


15th of November to 14th of December

Casco Viejo (Unamuno) 15th of November to 1st of December
Abando (Berastegi)
Moyua (Diputación) 1st of December to 14th of December
Indautxu (Urquijo)
Santimami / San Mamés (Intermodal)


Metro Bilbao and Itsasmuseum are organising the exhibition of the 20 prize-winning images from the 7th edition of the international mountain activity photography competition CVCEPHOTO. It is the exhibition pertaining to the Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea of San Sebastian. Among the works on display are, 'The Edge of Guillotine' by Czech photographer Jan Zahula, selected to be the official poster of the 14th edition of BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia, and the first prize in the CVCEPHOTO 2021 'The X' by Polish photographer Marcin Ciepielewski. The action and inspiration that the mountain transmits through these fascinating photographs will once again be hung in the Bilbao Metro installations just as Jimmy Chin in 2013 and CVCEPHOTO have done since 2015) and for the first time in the Bilbao Maritime Museum (Itsasmuseum), they will merge with the saltpetre and the smell of the sea.


29th of November to 16th of January

Escaparates Casco Viejo


The ‘Mendian Gora’ exhibition is an original proposal by the EMMOA Foundation, to show the history of Basque mountaineering using the shop windows of shops that remain closed in the Old Quarter as windows into the world of mountains. It is an initiative that aims to promote local commerce, inviting the spectator to get to know, while strolling through the streets, the evolution of our mountaineering via a suggestive journey through the mountains of the world, which begins in Pagasarri, to finally reach the Himalayas.


29th of November to 16th of January

PANGEA The Travel Store

Since more than a century ago, when the C.D. Bilbao organised the first popular excursions to the Pagasarri and Gorbeia mountains, mountaineering in Bizkaia has been extending its horizons to reach the summits of the highest and most distant mountains in the world, leaving a deep mark be on the walls and edges, glaciers and deserts of our planet. Throughout the brief photographic journey ‘Vizcaínos por las alturas’, EMMOA aims to offer a simple tribute to those who have been the protagonists of this exciting adventure.


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