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Mauro Leveghi

President of Trento Film Festival since 2017, he joined the board of directors in 2015. Graduated and qualified in the profession of Forestry Sciences, he joined the Trento Chamber of Commerce in 1979, where he assumed numerous responsibilities until his retirement in 2018: director of the Agriculture Office, director of the Promotion and Development Division, director of the Business Academy, and finally Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce. He has also served as a councillor of the Municipality of Trento and of the Autonomous Region of Trentino Alto Adige, even chairing the Regional Council for three years. He was also President of the Trentino Forestry Association.

Kepa Sojo

Kepa is a film director and screenwriter, as well as Professor of Film History in the Department of the History of Art and Music at the Faculty of Arts of the UPV/EHU. As a filmmaker, he has directed two feature films, ‘La pequeña Suiza’ (2019) and ‘El síndrome de Svensson’ (2006), as well as a television series, ‘Platos sucios’ (2000) and seven short films, including ‘Loco con ballesta’ (2013), for which he was nominated for a Goya Award. He directed the Cortada short film festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz between 2009 and 2020.

Paula Olaz

Paula creates soundtracks for film, television, theatre, dance and video games. Passionate about astronomy and interested in the world of sound research within the universe, in 2017 she recorded her work ‘Child of the Universe’ based on real images from the Hubble Telescope for the European Space Agency (ESA). She is the composer of soundtracks for the feature films ‘Nora’, ‘Chronicle of a Storm’, ‘2 Urte 4 Hilabete eta egun bat’ etc. She has also worked in the films ‘La Trinchera Infinita’, ‘Handia’ and ‘Dantza’ among others. 

Arrate Landaluze

She is an audio-visual translator and has collaborated in the creation and revision of subtitles for major studios such as Disney and Fox. Her career and studies have led her to live in cities such as Orleans, London and Barcelona, but she has never stopped collaborating with the Mendi Film Festival. Her work as Head of the Festival's Translation Department has continued over the years, always stressing the importance of good localisation.

Joaquín Gómez

Composer, sound designer and producer. Since 2005 he has been creating soundtracks for documentaries, animations, video games, trailers, TV series, audio-visual installations and films. His great passion for nature and outdoor sports led him to find his true north by combining his music with this incredible world and creating Ona Sounds, his soundtracks and sound design company. During the 2020 pandemic, along with his brother Tomas, he created The ONA Short Film Festival, an event where filmmakers, photographers and athletes come together to share three days in the heart of Venice, Italy.


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