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WOP Foundation-Mendifilm Award to the defence and transmission of the social values of alpinism

This award acknowledges the defence and transmission of the social values of mountaineering. Values such as improvement, effort, and teamwork; loyalty and optimism as force for change; knowing how to combine every activity related to mountaineering, climbing or extreme sports with family life... In short, it somehow rewards the vital passion for the mountain.

2023: Edurne Pasaban Lizarribar

2022: Eduardo Martínez de Pisón

2021: Sebastián Álvaro

2020: Baltistan Fundazioa

2019: Nives Meroi - Romano Benet

2018: Juanjo San Sebastián

2017: Peter Habeler

2016: Sir Chris Bonington

2015: Josep Manuel Anglada

2014: Drawn


What is WOP?

WOP −Walk On Project− it is a foundation that spreads, raises awareness and collaborates on the investigation of rare neurodegenerative diseases. It develops various artistic, social and cultural activities to raise funds and help leukodystrophies associations in the investigation of this kind of diseases. They also collaborate on the research and development of new solutions that improve the quality of life of those affected and their families.


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