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Is climbing a game?

Climbing understood as a game or as an Olympic sport, how should it be? How is it? From the Mendi Film Festival we face this dilemma with the most prestigious professionals and climbers of the future.

The director of documentaries Dani Salas will present in the Official Section the film Jugando a escalar, starring five young climbers: Andoni Sparta, María Benach, Lluc Macià, Alberto Ginés and Ana Belen Argudo. This is a project presented two years ago in Bilbao in the eighth edition of the Mendi Film Festival, and which enters fully into the Official Section of this year while creating very interesting parallel activities.

In two days of Festival will be held Workshops related to the subject.

Climbing: a game or an Olympic sport?

December 15th

Organizer: EKIN Ikerketa Taldea
Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 675 70 56 65

Audiovisual Realization in extreme conditions

December 16th
Organized by: Dani Salas and Diego Gallego by Canon





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