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Tuesday, December 12, at 17:30

Kilian: Killian is considered as being the best mountain runner, however he doesn´t consider himself to be so. Accompany him on what is a new field of play while in Norway, he tries to ski and run the Seven Summits of Romsdalen in one single day and cover a 77 KM route with 9000m of elevation gain.

The Frozen Road: Alter having read Jack London’s immortal lines, “Any man who is a man can travel alone”, Ben sought the adventure of experiencing perfect solitude, on crossing the Canadian Artic passage by bicycle in winter. Nevertheless, the harsh reality the journey conjures up is far, far different to London’s romantic portrayal.

109 Hours: Kiril Nikolov is a Bulgarian runner used to winning nearly all the races in his country. When trying to set the record of a renowned race of 6000 km and 16,000 m gradient he has to withdraw 11km before the finish line. He faces the challenge once again, a year later. The producer, Dimitar Dimitrov, will present the film. 

At 19:30

Bernd Arnold, Wege Nach Innen: Bernd Arnold is a living legend; he is renowned for his ascents in the mountains of Saxony & for his penchant for free climbing barefoot. At 70, he relives both the successes of his great climbs and inner experiences.

Tributo a Alberto Zerain: A man who lived and shared intensely the mountains an the mountain culture. The memory of Alberto Zerain, and therefore of Mariano Galván, will flow over the Mendi Film Festival, in which he participated actively in all the editions, from the first in Vitoria-Gasteiz to the ninth in Bilbao. Tribute to a great friend of the festival.

Searching For Christmas Tree: This tale revolves around a university professor who seeks to shackle off a life of monotony and routine and a mysterious frozen cascade in the shape of a Christmas tree. What seems to be story of trivial missions ends turns out to be a search for personal challenges and the sensation of fulfilment on attaining the goals.

Wednesday, December13, at 17:30

Safety Third: Brad Gobright is a 27 years old, busboy at a fine dining establishment, dirtbag, college dropout. Gobright’s diet consists of donuts, scraps from work, croissants, apple pie, and any and all junk food. And one other thing: Gobright is one of the best and boldest free solo climbers in the sport who nobody has ever heard of. Safety Third shines the spotlight on Gobright, probably for a shorter moment than he deserves. But it doesn’t matter. His mind is elsewhere, focused on his next free solo.

The Ario Dream, The Quest for Europe’s Deepest Cave: A gripping and enthralling tale about the exploration of caves “Explorer style”. Telling of subterranean fields and the complex logistics involved, where the price to pay for imprudence is very high. To the vanguard the divers reconnoitring the unknown, penetrating deep sinkholes where rescue is not an option. The tension and the strain, every time a diver disappears into the darkness are real…

At 19:30

In Perpetual Motion: This is the story of Krystle Wright and her work as adventurer photographer. A photographer is not defined by a singular shot. It is the process of photography a wild ride as it passionately consumes the lifestyle as so often it is the driving force in how a photographer engages with the world that surrounds them.

Blood Road: Blood road is the journey through Vietnam done by the ultra bicycle athlete Rebecca Rusch and her Vietnamese comrade, Huyen Nguyen. The objective is to reach the spot where her U.S. Air Force pilot Father was shot down, fourty years previously. During this journey of self discovery, Rebecca pushes her body to its limits and at the same time learns about the historic “Blood Road” and the Vietnam War.. 

Thursday, December 14, at 17:30

Loved by All, The Story of Apa Sherpa: The Sherpa Apa has climbed Everest twenty one times, more than any other human being. Having grown up in the remote region of Khumbu in Nepal, Apa found himself having to quit school aged twelve to work as a porter and thus his dreams of studying to become a medical doctor vanished into thin air. This is a common happening among the Nepalese Sherpas, a story that Apa, wishes to change with his work through the Apa Sherpa Foundation.

Life in Four Elements: Life in Four Elements is a human journey through Earth, Air, Water and Fire, following the adventures of five unique characters and their unforgettable stories of friendship, birth, dreams and loss. Natalie Halla, the director is presenting her work.

At 19:30

Apex Predators of the Northern Deep: A tranquil day of ice fishing goes suddenly awry when natural selection rears its ferocious head. Something lurks in the depths of the great lonesome mountains of the North, a land where if you are not the predator, you will be the prey. But the skier will not go down without a fight.

Charged, The Eduardo García StoryEduardo García was a Chef and adventurer right up ´till he was electrocuted by 2.400 volts in the mountains of Montana. In spite of nearly losing his life and suffering from serious injuries, thanks to his then girlfriend's nursing Eduardo’s health and motivation were restored. Charged deals with physical recovery but also how to have a new life in which one feel that they have accomplished something. Phillip Baribeau, director, will be with us (Winner of the Grand Prize in 2015). 


Wednesday, December 13, at 20:00

MENDI TALK. JACK TACKLEThe Alaska Range and the Logan St Elias Rangers of Alaska/Canada are Himalayan in scale. Remote, cold and daunting, these ranges have offered some of the largest challenges in Alpinism. My personal quest 30 years and 17 first ascents and 34 expeditions. Alaska continues to be one of the primary crucibles of Alpine climbing. 


Tuesday, December 12, at 18:00


  • Bonington: Mountaineer 

At 20:00

Loved by All, The Story of Apa Sherpa 

  • Mountain 

Wednesday, December 13, at 18:00

  • Une Vie à Apprendre 
  • Dhaulagiri, Ascenso a la Montaña Blanca 

At 20:00

  • Above the sea 
  • The Frozen Roads 
  • 109 Hours 

Tuesday, December 14a, at 18:00

  • Searching For Christmas Tree 
  • Magnetic Mountain 

At 20:00

  • Heinz Zak 
  • Al otro lado de la cuerda


Tuesday, December 12 

At 11:00. Philip Baribeau  

*Language: English

Thursday, December 14 

At 11:00. Natalie Halla 

*Language: Spanish


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