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The International Alliance for Mountain Film launches its new website

IAMF web

The International Alliance for Mountain Film is an association set up in the year 2000, with the aim of enhancing, conserving and making mountain films widespread.

It gathers major international mountain film festivals together with the Italian Museo Nazionale della Montagna based in Turin, where the association has its headquarters.

IAMF is pleased to announce that it has recently restyled its website, seeking a new image and aiming at playing a role also in providing a service to directors, producers and mountain film enthusiasts: thanks to the new website, now they can easily keep themselves updated with events, deadlines, news, photographs and prizes.

With a new look and new contents, provides visitors the possibility of consulting the data sheets of the 23 member festivals, which represent 17 countries from 5 continents: Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

The website includes a list of the Festivals, the latest news published, a list of the “Grand prizes” assigned, the history of the association, contacts and a summary of the results achieved.

Each festival data sheet shows, besides a general introduction, all addresses and contacts, the dates of the current or next edition, links to social networks and websites to submit applications, and more new contents, that is photo and video galleries and side event programs. Check Bilbao Mendi Film Festival sheet.

Thanks to the information provided on the homepage, such as the overview of the past editions and the list of the incoming festivals, it will be easier for visitors to keep up to date with events and deadlines. What’s more, by subscribing to the newsletter, the users will regularly receive news directly to their e-mail.

On the “Festival Awards” page you can also find a list of the main prizes assigned by the Festivals belonging to the International Alliance for Mountain Film network.


IAMF’s restyled website will surely become a reference point and play a guiding role in finding new ways to foster mountain films, which is the goal towards which the 23 association members have been constantly working together for 17 years.


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