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Hours and distribution days programming Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2015

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A previously announced events are joined by a meeting with authors of mountain books on December 19 at the Sala BBK and open day at the climbing center PIUGAZ on December 20

On December 20 non-stop screenings of the winning films on offer, and the 17:15 session will be held the awards ceremony

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, November 19


The eighth edition of the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival will be held in Bilbao from 11th to 20th of December. At the opening session, on December 11, 'Meru' will be screened, film so far not offered at any European mountain festival, and film that won the audience award for best documentary at the last Sundance Festival. (USA).

The inaugural session will be followed by nine full days of cinema, with 43 films in the official section and three out of competition, most notably the world premiere of '2T on Chamlang', the film about WOPEAK expedition composed by Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza, who recently topped the Nepalese mountain.

In addition to movies, Bilbao Film Festival will have a talk between the alpinist Alberto Iñurrategi and the chef Eneko Atxa about 'The Challenge', a conference of Adam Ondra, current climbing world champion, a conference of the artist and photographer Imanol Marrodán, a table round about the mountain guides and a day dedicated to documentary projects, including the presentation of the grants of National Geographic. Readers will have the opportunity to meet authors of mountain books on December 19 in the hall of Sala BBK, and PIUGAZ center will open its doors on December 20 to bring climbing to everyone.

This year the course offerings increase from other editions. The classic photography course 'Mendiklik' will be joined by a "Course about pathologies and training methods in climbing' and by a clinic about ‘Techniques and training in mountain races.’

On December 20 the festival will be closed with the non-stop sessions of the winning films. That day, the session at 17.15, will include the awards ceremony.

This is the programming of Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2015 distributed by places and days:


December 11, friday

19:30 Opening ceremony + the film 'Meru', 8€.


December 12, saturday

11:30 'Panel Talk: The Challenge' with Eneko Atxa and Alberto Iñurrategi, 5€.

15:00 The films 'Darklight', 'High and mighty'* and 'Jurek'*.

17:15 The films 'Biziminez'*, 'Expedition Q: A crossing of Baffin Island' and 'A line across the sky'*

19:30 'Adam Ondra conference: Slideshow - life of a climber', 8€.

December 13, sunday

11:30 'Mendi Talk: Grants and projects of National Geographic', free admission.

            'Mendi Talk: Jugando a escalar (playing to climb) project', free admission.

15:00 The films 'Mile for mile', 'Showdown at Horseshoe Hell'* and 'Reach your limits'*

17:15 The films 'The warmth of winter' and 'Unbranded'

19:30 The films 'Chris Bonington: life and climbs', '55 hours in Mexico' and 'K2 touching the sky'

December 14, monday

17:00 The films 'Snowman' and 'Artists on Jorasses'*

19:30 'Sunakali', 'The rocky mountains traverse' and 'Iraitz le basque de La Grave'* (this, out of competition)

December 15, tuesday

17:00 'Antagonist'*, 'Suspentes et cordes de violon au Pakistan' and 'Beyond the heights'*

19:30 'Panel talk: The guides have their say' with Óscar Gogorza, Christian Ravier and Simón Elías, 8€.

December 16, wednesday

17:00 The films 'Tashi and the monk', 'Gigantes paralelos'* and 'Guide tout a prix'*

19:30 The films 'No ski no fun'*, 'The coast' and 'Degrees north' 

December 17, thursday 

17:00 The films 'Docu yourself, Higi'*, 'Des brebis et des femmes'* and 'Dominica'* (this out of competition)

19:30 The films 'First ascent, Kunyang Chhish East', 'Eclipse' and 'Citadel'

December 18, friday

17:00 The films 'Urzulo'*, 'Prohibido escalar'* and 'Panaroma'*

19:30 The films 'Big men'* and 'Jeff Lowe's Metanoia'*

December 19, saturday

11:00 'Meeting with authors of mountain books' (Hall Sala BBK), free admission.

11:30 'Conference of Imanol Marrodan: Anboto, image of a floating world' with the artista and photographer Imanol Marrodan, free admission.

15:00 The films 'Kaxkagorri'*, 'Nowhere place'* and 'Jumbo wild'

17:15 The films '82 summits' and 'K2 and the invisible footmen'

19:30 'Premiere of the Wopeak film: 2T on Chamlang' with Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza

* Movies that will have the presence of one or more guests

December 20, sunday

Non-stop sessions with the winning films at 12:00am, 3:00pm, 5:15pm and 7:30pm. The scheduling of these sessions will be published on December 19 at 5:00pm. 

Prices of the projections, Sala BBK

Session at 3:00pm (weekend): 5€

Session at 5:15pm (weekend): 7€

Session at 7:30pm (weekend): 7€

Session at 5:00pm (from monday to friday): 5€

Session at 7:30pm (from monday to friday): 7€

Non-stop sessions at 12:00am, 3:00pm, 5:15pm and 7:30: 7€


December 14, monday

18:00 The films 'Urzulo' and 'K2 and the invisible footmen'

20:00 The films 'The warmth of winter' and 'Meru' 

December 15, tuesday

18:00 The films 'Panaroma' and 'Jeff Lowe's metanoia'

20:00 'Reach your limits' and 'Biziminez'

December 16, wednesday

18:00 The film 'Unbranded'

20:00 The films 'Mile for mile' and 'Snowman'

December 17, thursday

18:00 The films 'A line across the sky' and 'Degrees north'

20:00 The films 'Nowhere place' and 'K2 touching the sky'

December 18, friday

18:00 The films 'Eclipse' and 'Citadel'

20:00 The films 'Tashi and the monk' and 'Sunakali'

Prices of the projections, Golem

Session at 6:00pm: 5€

Session at 8:00pm: 5€


'Photography exhibition: Winners of the CVCEPHOTO international contest  from November 9 to December 31, free admission


December 12 and 13: Practice of the 'Course about training methods and pathologies in climbing'

December 20: 'Open day in Piugaz'


December 12 and 13: Theory of 'Course about training methods and patologies in climbing'

December 19 and 20 de diciembre: 'Mendiklik photography course'


December 19 and 20: 'Clinic about training and techniques for mountain races' 


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