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Alastair Lee's three films join the Mendi Tour Online offer

Climbing Blind (Best Climbing Film Mendifilm 2019), Blood Moon (Official Selection Mendifilm 2018) and Blocheads (Official Selection Mendifilm 2016) are the three new films that expand the Mendi Tour Online offer through our channel on the Vimeo platform.

Pure climbing atmosphere and unique characters in three masterpieces by Alastair Lee, a filmmaker that has contributed to the Mendi Film Festival with 12 films since 2010. He was awarded the Grand Prize of the IAMF-International Alliance for Mountain Film in 2013 for his universal contribution to the genre. A benchmark for mountain cinema that joins the Mendi Tour Online.


Films available on Mendi Tour Online Vimeo :

  • New! CLIMBING BLIND Best Climbing Film'19
  • New! BLOOD MOON Official Selection'18
  • New! BLOCHEADS Official Selection'16
  • DIRTBAG. THE LEGEND OF FRED BECKEY  Grand Prize & Audience Award'17 
  • FREEDOM UNDER LOAD  Grand Prize'16 
  • UNBRANDED  Grand Prize'15 
  • CHOLITAS  Jury Award'19 
  • OSTATNIA GORA (THE LAST MOUNTAIN)  Best Mountaineering Film & Best Director'19 
  • BONINGTON MOUNTAINEER  Best Mountaineering Film'17 
  • JUREK (Jerzy Kukuczka)  Best Mountaineering Film'15 
  • MANASLU (Hans Kammerlander)  Audience Award'19 
  • VIA CRUXIS Best Short Film'18 
  • HOME (Sarah Outen)  Best Sport and Adventure Film'19 
  • THE RIVER AND THE WALL  Best Culture and Nature Film'19 
  • A DREAM OF EDWIN DRUMMOND  Best Script'20 
  • PSYCHO VERTICAL (Andy Kirkpatrick)  Best Script'17 
  • VAELTAJAT - WANDERING IN THE WHITE  Best Cinematography'20 
  • POLYFONATURA  Official Selection'20 
  • SENSE RETORN  Official Selection'19
  • THIS MOUNTAIN LIFE  Official Selection'18 
  • SUPERHOMBRE (Horia Colibasanu)  Official Selection'18
  • TOM (Tom Ballard)  Official Selection'16


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