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2019, UK, 57 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Alastair Lee

Best Climbing Film Mendi Film 2019

Jesse Dufton has retinitis pigmentosa. He was diagnosed when he was a kid and it has reduced his vision to near blindness. Far from allowing this to be an impediment when it comes to climbing, Jesse only takes on bigger challenges. He wants to be the first blind person to make a 'non-sight' lead of the iconic Old Man of Hoy sea stack in Scotland, teamed with his girlfriend Molly and without any prior attempts.

Climbing Blind from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2018, UK, 37 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Alastair Lee

Official Selection Mendi Film 2018  

Robbie Phillips, Calum Cunningham and Alan Carne attempt to open a new route on the 700-metre, granite wall of Tsaranoro Atisimo in Madagascar. The climb on the walls of Tsaranoro are as wild and as bold as the country they spring up from, the rock being so beautifully carved as if by a sculptor’s hand. The film shows us the adventures of some friends who take risks at the same time as they stretch the limits.

Blood Moon from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2016, UK, 58 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Alastair Lee

Official Selection Mendi Film 2016

This film follows the fearsomely strong Blocheads as they quest for new lines and push the limits of human ability. It’s a story of adventure, rocky passions and mutant fingers. It’s the story of a search for bouldering gold. 

Blocheads from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, Spain, 80, V.O - es  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Jaime Murciego & Pablo Iraburu

Jury Award Mendi Film 2019

Five native Bolivian women set off on a unique expedition. To symbolise liberation and empowerment, they intend to climb the highest mountain in America, the Aconcagua. Their appearance is surprising: they climb dressed in their traditional skirt. They are more than mere climbers, they are brave women for whom mountains are a place where they can feel alive, happy and free. Their adventure will show to the world an inspiring way of being a woman, living tradition and connecting with Mother Nature. 


2016, Slovakia, 58 min, V.O - slk  SUBT - es / eu

Zuzendaria: Pavol Barabáš

Grand Prize Mendi Film 2016

“Freedom under Load” shows the oldest generation of the porters in the High Tatras: Why they have chosen this way of life and why they remain the last of the Mohicans on the European continent. And maybe we find out something about our own load that we carry.

Freedom Under Load from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2018, Austria, 100 min, V.O - ger  SUBT - es / eu / en

Director: Gerald Salmina

Audience Award Mendi Film 2019

The film goes through Hans Kammerlander’s greatest achievements and his most painful losses. He is one of the greatest alpinists in history, who keeps asking himself how and why he survived while his best friends passed away in the mountain.

Manaslu from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2017, EEUU, 96 min, V.O - en  SUBT  es / eu

Director: Dave O'Leske

Grand Prize / Audience Award Mendi Film 2017

Fred Beckey is the typical American “Dirtbag” climber, whose very name evokes mystery, admiration and criticism since 1940. Becky’s to conquer the peaks entailed a solitary life for him leaving in his wake a long trail of despised climbing mates and lovers lost. He passed away in October 2017 at the age of 94, and this film pays tribute to him.

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, Poland, 83 min, V.O - pol / en  SUBT - es / eu / en

Director: Dariusz Załuski

Best Director / Mountaineering Film Mendi Film 2019

The Polish winter expedition to K2 in 2018, led by the legendary climber Krzysztof Wielicki, experience all kinds of situations throughout two months: the threat of avalanches, rockfalls, evacuations, the rescue of Élisabeth Revol by Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko on Nanga Parbat, tension among the team members, pressure from the press, hellish weather conditions...

Ostatnia Gorá from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2015, USA, 105 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Phillip Baribeau

Grand Prize Mendi Film 2015  

Four cowboys hatch an outrageous plot to adopt, train, and ride a string of wild mustangs from Mexico to Canada through the wildest terrain of the American West. The trip became an epic journey of self-discovery, tested friendships, and iconic landscapes that included runaway horses, a sassy donkey, perilous mountain passes, rodeos, sickness, injury, and death.

Unbranded from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2016, UK, 80 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Brian Hall

Best Mountaineering Film Mendi Film 2017 

Stories of friendship, love, risk and devastating loss run deep through this intimate journey of one man’s dream: Sir Chris Bonington. The drive for exploration is echoed in the first British ascent of the north wall of the Eiger, new routes on Mont Blanc, the ascent of ‘The Old Man of Hoy’ and then to the greater ranges where he is the first to stand on the virgin summits of Annapurna 2, Nuptse and the Central Tower of Paine, followed by landmark expedition success on the S. Face of Annapurna, Everest South West Face and the Ogre.

Bonington: Mountaineer from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, USA, 110 min, V.O - en / es  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Ben Masters

Best Culture & Nature Film Mendi Film 2019

Five friends embark on an adventure across the Mexico-US border. Following the Rio Grande, they journey from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico, travelling on horseback, mountain biking through hills, and navigating waters on canoes. Their travels focus on the need to urgently document the last remaining wilderness in Texas, as the threat of the border wall construction looms ahead. While they initially set out to document the environmental impact of the wall, they soon discover the social implications, facing the harsh realities of immigration.

The River and The Wall from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2015, Poland, 73 min, V.O - pol  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Pawel Wysoczanski

Best Mountaineering Film Mendi Film 2015

The documentary by Paweł Wysoczański shows the life of Jerzy Kukuczka. From being a bootblack to becoming a millionaire, from being a socialist worker to turning into an international media star, from being the man who climbs without any money or equipment to competing to be the first one climbing ‘The Crown of the Himalayas’, the 14 eight thounsanders.

Jurek from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, Canada, 92 min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Jen Randall

Best Sport and Adventure Film Mendi Film 2019

Sarah Outen departed from her home in London and travelled around the world by bike, kayak and rowing boat. A journey of over 32,000 kilometres without any source of power other than her own being, which was the unshakable premise of this great adventure. A lust for life, an infectious sense of humour, deep and sincere reflections, and moments of tenderness, battle, suffering and joy are mingled throughout this travelogue based on hundreds of hours of recordings.

Home from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2015, Spain, 67 min, V.O - en / it  SUBT - es / eu

Directors: Angel Esteban and Elena Goatelli

Official Selection Mendi Film 2016

Even though his mother, the great British mountaineer Alison Hargreaves, died on K2 when he was only 6 years old, Tom Ballard never turned his back on the mountain, indeed, he dedicated his life fully to it, until he disappeared on an expedition to Nanga Parbat in February 2019, at the age of 30 years. Among the fabulous feats of his short but intense alpine career, he highlighted the project of climbing alone, and in winter, the six major alpine north faces: the Cima Grande di Lavaredo, the Piz Badile, the Matterhorn, the Grandes Jorasses, the Petit Dru and the Eiger. He became the first person to complete this feat in a single season. His father was his greatest support, from austerity and with a comprehensive character.

Tom from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2020, United Kingdom, 54min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Paul Diffley

Best Script Mendi Film 2020

Edwin Drummond, an admired climber, poet and civil rights activist, is considered one of the great figures in the history of climbing in the United Kingdom. Ailing with Parkinson's disease, he travels to Snowdonia, in Wales, to see ‘A Dream of White Horses,’ the famous route first climbed by him and David Pearce in 1968, an iconic route also in his work as a poet and essayist. A moving final journey, in which great memories bloom.

A Dream of Edwin Drummond from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2017, UK, 64min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Jen Randall

Best Script Mendi Film 2017

Based on his best-selling auto-biography Psycho Vertical, this is a raw and emotive study of the complex life and motivations of writer, funny-man and Britain’s unlikeliest hero-mountaineer, Andy Kirkpatrick, woven into an 18 day solo ascent of El Capitan's South Seas route, Yosemite.

Psycho Vertical from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, Finland, 28min, V.O - fin / en  SUBT - es / eu / en

Director: Otto Heikola

Best Cinematography Mendi Film 2020

Two experienced and former prize winning orienteers travel to Lapland to undertake a four-day cross-country skiing expedition. But what was going to be a pleasurable journey leads to a situation of complete disorientation by the onset of a blinding snow storm that surprises them on day one. In difficult circumstances, where their lives are in play, they are forced to take difficult choices.

Vaeltajat from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2019, Spain, 31 min, V.O - es  SUBT - eu / en

Director: David López Sánchez

Official Selection Mendi Film 2019

A four-member rope team -Siebe Vanhee, Roger Molina, Jorge Solorzano and Miquel Mas-, with different skills and experience face the difficulties and conflicts that arise when opening a route on the walls of Mont-rebei. An adventure full of emotions, anxieties and desire to succeed, in which they will have to face their limitations and fears. A setting in which the respect for traditional climbing and companionship prevail.


2019, Norway, 20min, V.O - nor  SUBT - es / eu / en

Director: Jon Vatne

Special Mention of the Jury Mendi Film 2020

A sensorial concert between fjords and mountains, through time and space, that can alter the way people experience and listen to nature. Eirik Havnes, a nerdy artist, collects sounds from nature with his self-made microphones, altering and assembling them to create a unique musical composition. Behind the exciting creative process, an overflow of nature and beautiful music, we can witness the creative struggles of a solitary artist.

Polyfonatura from Mendi Film Festival on Vimeo.

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2018, Spain11min, V.O - without dialogues

Director: Ignasi Lopez

Best Short Film Mendi Film 2018

Marcel and Andrezj are great climbers. Despite them having different temperaments they make a formidable team; in which Marcel has always assumed the leading role and the popularity, whereas Andrezj has always played second fiddle. Now they will face the most difficult challenge: reach the unspoiled and virgin summit of the highest mountain. To attain it, they will have to overcome enormous obstacles, endure hardships and overall put up with each other.


2018, Canada, 77min, V.O - en  SUBT - es / eu

Director: Grant Baldwin

Official Selection Mendi Film 2018

Martina and her sixty-year-old mother embark on a daunting six-month trek through the treacherous Coast Mountains on the western shores of Canada. Breathtaking scenery apart, throughout their voyage they will encounter inspiring and captivating people.


2019, Romania, 70 min, V.O - ro  SUBT  es / eu

Director: Lucian Mircu & Mircea Gherase

Official Selection Mendi Film 2019

Horia Colibășanu is a dentist, father of two and an alpinist in the Himalayas. His success in life stems from finding the balance between these three pillars. He wants to use some of this career milestones as examples to instil sport, nature and even a new lifestyle into people’s lives. Some of these milestones were, for instance, staying with Iñaki Ochoa de Olza at more than 7,300 metres in Annapurna or the recent solo attempt in Everest in 2017.


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