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Audiovisual production in extreme conditions

Thanks to the generous collaboration of Canon España and The Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, we are going to be fortunate enough to know and work with the best video and photographic equipment and be able to check out which adapts itself better to our needs.

When the going gets tough, it’s important to know and how to decide which the right tool is for the occasion: intense cold, the worst of weather, blinding light or severe humidity; mountain, forest, jungle or desert conditions. They will be given by both Daniel Salas and Diego Gallego, who are renowned climbers and audiovisual experts.



Climbing: a game or an olympic sport?

This course’s objective is to disseminate, thanks to the expert knowledge of the coaches, what is sport climbing and the hands-on advice which exists to do it. In addition, young but very experienced climbers will participate relating their experiences in the field. The talk will be headed by Ioritz González, who will explain the need for expert and professional consultancy and consultants. The coach for Italy Gianni Faggiana also will participate and to follow up, Andoni Ormazabal will cover the field of injuries and to finalise, David Maçia will give a talk about youth training.

Following this up, a round table talk will commence with young climbers such as¸ Esther Cruz, Joxean Mulas, Eneko Carretero and Mikel Linacisoro the objective being to have the audience participate.

CONTACT AND ENTRIES: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +34 675 70 56 65 (Ioritz)



The Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, a mountaineering club of Donostia-San Sebastián, will offer a Workshop on mountain activity photography on December 10, Sunday at 11:00 pm in the Sala Aterpe at the Mendi Base Camp of the Ensanche Building (Plaza Ensanche, Bilbao).

The session is offered for 20 people and registrations must be made through the CVCE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (943 27 18 66, C/Prim nº35, 20006 Donostia-San Sebastian).

During the Workshop, there will be a guided tour of the Metro exhibition to know each of the photographs. Some of the authors of the photographs will also participate in this event.

In the third edition of the contest, CVCEPHOTO has once again brought together the best of the international photographers, both amateur and professional, specialists in this spectacular discipline.

The objective of the contest is to promote activities in the mountains via photography, serving also as both a meeting and dissemination point for the authors who participate.

Is climbing a game?

Climbing understood as a game or as an Olympic sport, how should it be? How is it? From the Mendi Film Festival we face this dilemma with the most prestigious professionals and climbers of the future.

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