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The following Mendi Tours have been postponed:

Filma!-Sevatur-San Sebastián (M13-14, Kursaal)

Vielha e Mijaran (M14-15, Cinema Vielha)

Sevilla (M19, Cine Avenida)

Iruña-Pamplona (M23-24-25-26, Golem Baiona)

Zaldibar (M26-A2, Liburutegi Zaharra)

Arratzu (M27, Kultur Aretoa)

Amurrio (M27, Amurrio Antzokia)

Hondarribia (M28-29, Itsas Etxea Auditoriuma)

Orona Fundazioa (A1, Ideo Hernani)

Irurtzun (A3, Kultur Etxea)

Teruel (A4, Teatro Marín) 

Izaba (A10, Cine de Isaba)

Zumarraga (A23, Zelai Arizti)

Cangas de Onís (A25)

The decision has been reached with the organizers and collaborators of each site, in order to follow precautionary quarantine instructions from health authorities to prevent further spread of COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, we will soon evaluate the possibility of setting new dates for the aforementioned events.




  1. It is an international competition for amateur video producers. 
  2. All pieces of work related to the following areasare eligible for submission: alpinism, climbing, mountain and adventure sports, skiing, ecology, the environment, mountain culture...
  3. The duration of the short films must be of 5 minutes at the most. 
  4. Entrance is restricted to those productions made from the 1st January 2019
  5. Each participant can submit only one piece.
  6. The registration deadline is the 15th November 2019.
  7. The participants shall ensure that they are the holders of the intellectual property rights for the registered work. They must also warrant that no legal, contractual or any other limitation exists which could prevent the organisers of the BBK MENDI FILM BILBAO BIZKAIA Festival from screening the work in public and the Mendi’s online channels during the Festival, or in the next Mendi Tours and other kind of diffusion materials related to the Festival.
  8. If the work is accepted, the pre-selected copy will become part of the MENDI FILM Festival Association’s Historical Archive, thus it might be used for internal consultations or to be used as promotional material for the Festival. For any other use, the copyright holders' authorization will be requested.
  9. Candidates must demonstrate the possession of the necessary permission from people or organisations who hold property rights over the different elements which appear in the work; music, images, graphics, etc.
  10. The registered participant is committed to keeping the organisation of the BBK MENDI FILM BILBAO BIZKAIA free from any possible third-party claim which may be initiated in relation to copyrighted material.
  11. The Jury will establish internal regulations in agreement with the Festival’s Board of Directors. Its decision will be final.
  12. The winner will be awarded with the Eguzkilore Mendi Short: 2019, a piece created by artist Iñigo Aristegui.
  13. The awarded piece will be screened during the second weekend of the BBK MENDI FILM FESTIVAL BILBAO-BIZKAIA in Sala BBK.
  14. The participants know and accept that, if they receive an award, their work will be open to exhibition in other festivals or fairs with which the BBK MENDI FILM BILBAO-BIZKAIA collaborates, always on a non-profit basis and with prior notification.
  15. Any regulation that has not been mentioned here will be resolved by the organisers of the 12th BBK MENDI FILM BILBAO-BIZKAIA, in accordance with the general principles of the law and with the uses and practices of audio-visual festivals.
  16. The signature of the director, producer or legal representative on the registration form implies the acceptance of the conditions of these regulations.
  17. The interpretation and application of said regulations is the exclusive responsibility of the Festival Organisers.


  1. Registration will be carried out by the director or his/her legal representatives.
  2. Registration will include the online registration form that can be filled in our website
  3. The videos have to be sent in .mp4 or .mov format. The contestant needs to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in which they will add a WeTransfer link for downloading purposes. The subject line of said email must include MENDI SHORT_Name of work_Name of director, once the online registration form has been completed and sent.
  4. Those videos that are notcreated in Basque or Spanish, regardless of their original language, must be sent with a dialogue list in English, which includes time codes for subtitling purposes.



Copies of the films that will be screened for the audience must have these characteristics:

Video codec: H264

Format: .mp4 or .mov

Video Bit rate: 20Mbps Frame size: 1920 x 1080

Audio MPEG-4 stereo, 48kHz, 128 kbps


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