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MENDI FILM 2019 FULL PACK (Discounted price 145€) 06-12-2019 19:30 14-12-2019 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 OPENING CEREMONY (Discounted price 12€) 06-12-2019 19:30 06-12-2019 21:30 Euskalduna Jauregia
MENDI FILM 2019 1st WEEKEND PACK (Discounted price 50€) 07-12-2019 11:30 08-12-2019 22:30 Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 2nd WEEKEND PACK (Discounted price 38€) 13-12-2019 17:30 14-12-2019 22:30 Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 PACK NON-STOP (Discounted price 28€) 15-12-2019 12:00 15-12-2019 22:00 Sala BBK



2016, South Korea, 95min

Director: Moon Chang-Yong  & Jin Jeon

Grand Prize BMFF 2018


At birth, Padma Angdufue is named Rinpoche. Throughout his childhood, the youth receives a special upbringing while he waits for the day to be taken to his rightful monastery. Amid the pressure brought upon him by the growing doubts and mounting expectations of the village community, he is only able to bear thanks to being under the wing of his aged guardian Ugyan Rickzen. The boy and his tutor decide to leave and embark on a grueling, hazardous and harrowing journey to a Tibetan monastery, hoping to find answers for the young Rinpoche.




Erakundeak / Instituciones / Institutions




Ama Dablam


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