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2019, Spain, 3 min

Director: Santiago Yaniz & Anton Lazkano

International Premiere

A beginning, the mountain. An ending, the sea. Mt. Kolitza and the Gulf of Biscay are the beginning and end of an emotional journey, led by the water that flows through the cultural and industrial landscape of River Barbadun. The clouds, the rain and the river define the source of this path. On its voyage, the water will nurture the wood, which then will become the charcoal that ignites the fire at the forge. There, water and fire join forces to create iron. Once having done so, the fire quenches and the river follows its course through soft meanders to finally reach the sea.


Erakundeak / Instituciones / Institutions



Ama Dablam


Laguntzailea / Colaborador

 Auto ofiziala / Vehículo oficial 

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