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CONFERENCE OF IMANOL MARRODÁN: 'Anboto, image of a floating world'

Place: Sala BBK 

When: 19/12/2015, 11:00

The artist and photographer Imanol Marrodán brings us his work ‘Anboto’, a publication in book form, which is the result of an examination that lasted more than five years. performing various creative works inside the mountain and its environment. The project brings together art and nature in order to promote different views of this stunning natural space. As vehicle for travel and approach, the artist uses the impression of light to map and inventory changes in the shape of space and landscape, its different modulations, reflecting the different states of nature. He leaves the human presence as final background and focuses on a landscape “without figures". We can see the landscape again and this mountain, Anboto, from a prism that allows us to focus on its most mysterious and least known aspect.


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