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Peter Habeler, Pou Brothers, Basque Productions, workshops, Sua-El Mundo de los Pirineos...

  • Bilbao, December 14, 2017. Bilbao Mendi Film Festival is getting closed to the end. The films of the Official Selection will be projected until Saturday and on Saturday Peter Habeler's film and talk will take place. Moreover, he will receive the WOP Award, due to his contribution to the mountaineering values. On the other side, the facts demostrate the success of the Festival. Even if it's Thursday today, the weekend will have both projections and activities. More than 5000 viewers have been in Sala BBK. 



Friday, December 15, at 17:30

A sense of Wonder: A vast silence swallows the sound. A kingdom of mountains rises majestically toward the heavens. A call of the wild to a wandering soul.  A Sense of Wonder is a cinematic visual poem featuring a lone adventurer who seeks for wonder in the Dolomite mountains.

Addicted to Altitude: Addicted to Altitude shows us the successes and shortcomings of Slovakian mountaineering in the Himalayas at the end of the last century. Through the eyes of a generation of mountaineers, the first expeditions and the brave and daring attempts on the highest mountains in the world are revealed to the audience.

At 19:30

Imagination, Tom Wallisch: Have you ever been that kid sitting on your parents car, wishing you were somewhere else? At the ski hill, on your bike, anything but on the road, with parents talking about boring adult stuff. Well, what if your imagination came to life? Join us as we travel the streets of British Columbia through the eyes of a young boy who manages to bring professional urban skier Tom Wallisch to realization. Together, they turn an otherwise drab winter commute into an ski adventure for the ages.

Uruca II Bugaboos Edition: Hugo and Felipinho are attempting to climb a needle in the middle of the glaciers. There they will have to tackle all the challenges of alpine climbing: frozen rock, damp and poor communication between them, their inner demons and the cold, lots of cold.

A4 In Free: Aid climbing is the style or discipline done used because the difficulty of the ascent or the quality of the rock doesn’t allow the climber to make headway, free style climbing. The Pou brothers along with Neus Colom, return to their beloved “Picu” seeking to climb “Marejada Fuerza 6”, a forgotten A4 route on the imposing and towering West face, of this iconic giant.

Jugando a Escalar: The five stars of this story have yet to celebrate their fifteenth birthday and they are already excelling in the international climbing panorama. They have achieved this due to their efforts, motivation, training and practice as well as their technical skills.

Saturday, December 16, at 11:30

Bizi II: Bizi II reflects upon both human’s passions and the conservation of the spaces surrounding the mountains. It portrays the journey of two friends through the Pyrenees on bikes and skis in the winter of 2017.


Vida: Although it be tough to summarize a lifetime in just ten minutes, perhaps it is possible to show the intensity with which one can live it. That’s what Vida tells us about. The film is explores the love for and a quest to understand the mountains and Ricardo Montero’s feelings as to when it comes to his Pyrenees.

Mr. Ibex: Up in the Hush valley to the north of Pakistan, an expert Ibex hunter- a protected species of the region, has had to sacrifice social acceptation and parental approval to obtain happiness.

Aurrera: Irene has been running for fourty out of her sixty eight years. She began to mountain run when these types of races were not even known about and since then she has participated in many of them. Despite her advanced age and while she still has enough strength, she will not desist.

Mendi Short irabazlea: Fandango. Author: Alex Areizaga.

At 15:30

L’Atelier Barbara Gwerder: Loose flowing movements, a focused and intense stare, high standing on easels stood throughout a year on Swiss grazing land, where inspiration takes breath and in the wake of the four seasons Barbara Gwerder painted the Alps her way. And her project «AlpStreich», which won the Edouard y Maurice Sandoz, Foundation FEMS 2015 prize, was given birth to under the caring eye of the director Devrient.


Zortzi Yukon: Eight adventurers aged between 16 and 64 travel the trail the gold diggers took to the Yukon gold rush on foot and by canoe. This tale flows along and around the river seen through the youthful eyes of a seventeen year old.

Fountain of Youth: Aging pro free skier, Mike Douglas, travels to Japan in search of the secrets to perpetual youth and longevity. Between powder skiing sessions, he explores the Japanese diet, fitness, onsens and temples. The most profound advice, however, comes from a day spent with Mt. Everest age record holder, Yuichiro Miura and his son Gota.

At 17:15

The Last Honey Hunter: The Kulung people practice an old way of animism which is structured around the God Rongkemi. Mauli Dhan Rai believes to have been the chosen one of the gods for the honey harvesting rite. The exceptionally dangerous challenge consists of scaling rugged and sheer cliffs to gather the golden nectar made by the world’s largest honey bee. It is but a spiritual search based on the myth that Kulung is a ward of the gods, having protection or a shield that is not infinite.

Psycho Vertical: Based on his best-selling auto-biography Psycho Vertical, this is a raw and emotive study of the complex life and motivations of writer, funny-man and Britain’s unlikeliest hero-mountaineer, Andy Kirkpatrick, woven into an 18 day solo ascent of El Capitan, Yosemite.

At 19:30

Peter Habeler-en Gaua: One of the world's greatest all time climbers is Peter Habeler and he seeks to celebrate his birthday climbing, one again, the north face of the Eiger accompanied by one of his "heirs", namely David Lama, who is one of the world's finist alpinist in his own right. David learnt the rope with Habeler.

After the projection, Habeler will talk with Juanjo San Sebastian and he will receive the WOP Award, due to his contribution to the mountaineering values.


  • Friday, December 15, at 18:00
  • Song For the Nomad 
  • Charged: The Eduardo García Story
  • At 20:00
  • Riders on the Storm 
  • Blood Road 

MEET & GREET with the protagonists


Friday, December 15

  • At 11:00. Mikel Peña, Mattin Zeberio

At 12:00. Pou Brothers and Jordi Canyigueral


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