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Mountain activity gets into the Metro Bilbao with the CVCEPHOTO exhibition

The 20 winning photographs of the CVCEPHOTO international mountain photography contest are on display at Metro Bilbao until 18 December. Prestigious photographers from all over the world have participated in the contest of the Club Vasco de Camoing Elkartea of San Sebastian, including the Slovenian Sandi Bertoncelj with his photograph "Ski is life" (this year's image of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia) and the Basque Yhabril Moro with his photograph "Young Gun" (first prize CVCEPHOTO 2022).
 The XXL photos are exhibited in 4 Metro Bilbao stations:


Abando (Berastegi)

  • 1st Prize: Yhabril Moro "Young Gun"
  • 2nd Prize: Paul Zizka "Fenêtre hivernale"
  • 3rd Prize: Jose Allende "Burning desert"
  • Honorable mention: José Luis Méndez "Descenso extremo"
  • Honorable mention: Christian Core "Elena Poli climbing in the incredible beautiful arch in Grotta"

Moyua (Diputación) 

  • BBK Mendi Film Bilbao Bizkaia 2022 poster: Sandi Bertoncelj "Ski is Life" 
  • Les Diablerets (FIFAD) 2023 poster: Yhabril Moro "Moon dreamers"
  • Honorable mention: Jordan Scattum "Blink and you'll miss it"
  • Honorable mention: Alex Iranzo "Running in the forest"

Indautxu (Urquijo)

  • Honorable mention: Felix Urrutia "Bikote"
  • Honorable mention: Sandi Bertoncelj "Every soul is free"
  • Honorable mention: Adam Kokot "Deep in the woods"
  • Honorable mention: Julia Roger Veyer "Escape"
  • Honorable mention: Nicolai Brügger "Star Hotel"
  • Honorable mention: Florencia Corrado "Oporrak hondartzan"

Santimami/San Mamés (Luis Briñas)

  • Honorable mention: Piotrek Deska "Ice cave"
  • Honorable mention: David Nogales "Aniol sin miedo en una postal"
  • Honorable mention: Anna Ivanova "Lost in the labyrinth of ice"
  • Honorable mention: Cristoph Jorda "Fragile"
  • Honorable mention: Iñaki Larrea "El astronatuta"

"Young Gun", Yhabril Moro




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