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Laurence Fleury

Director of the films "Guide to tout prix" and "Des Brebis et des femmes"

Laurence Fleury is an independent journalist that works with all types of media: magazines, regional press, institutional press and digital media. Besides writing, she loves photography and video, and has over 20 years in the sector. She describes herself as a ‘witness’, as it tries to tell everything she sees "on every trip, every corner that I see around the world I meet people who live in their day to day and I try to listen, to capture their emotions" . Her passions are the mountains and trips, and comes to Bilbao to present two of her films: "Guide to tout prix" and "Des Brebis et des femmes."

Guide a tout prix” will be presented in Sala BBK on the 16th of December at 5:00pm.

“Des Brebis et des femmes” will be presented in Sala BBK  on the 17th of December at  5:00pm.


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