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WOP AWARD: Chris Bonington

One of the banners of the mountaineering of the 20th century, and today in day, at the age of 82, still active in the mountains. He has explored and climbed mountains all over the world, being author of multitude of legendary climbs: Mont Blanc (first ascent in the central pillar of Freney in 1961), Eiger (north wall in 1962), Patagonia (central Tower of Paine in 1963), or the Himalayas (19 expeditions, including four to Mount Everest). Sir Chris Bonington was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1976, and among many other distinctions last year he was honoured receiveing the Piolet d’Or  Carrière – Walter Bonatti Prize.

The BMFF has presented several documentaries in which Bonington is protagonist, such as The Old Man of Hoy in 2014, and the biographical Chris Bonington: Life and Climbs. In this 2016 edition BMFF wants to offer him a warm tribute by giving him the WOP Award.




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