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2018, Austria, 100min

Director: Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimer

Jury Award BMFF 2018


Dawn wall is the crowning of a route in El Capitán, Yosemite. The route attracted everyone’s curiosity, even though nobody has managed to climb it so far. After numerous failed attempts, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson manage to reach a spot they had never reached before, which proves this route is not impossible to climb.





2017, France, 53min

Director: Jean-Michel Jorda

Best Mountaineering Film BMFF 2018


On Mount Everest, way beyond what it is renowned for, there is a tragic environmental and human reality. Said tragedy starts at 8,848 metres above sea level and ends among the open rubbish dumps of Kathmandu, the most polluted city on the planet Earth. Where does the difference between Alpinism and tourism lie? What consequences does this situation entail?





2018, USA, 78min

Director: Michael Brown

Best Sport & Adventure Film BMFF 2018


Despite being blind, Erik Weihemnayer is the type of person who wishes to confront his fears and, in this case, it’s his fear of drowning. Hence he decides to kayak the Grand Canyon along with a group which will help him brave the challenge.





2018, Spain, 11min

Director: Pablo Vidal Santos & Aner Etxebarria Moral

Best Culture & Nature Film BMFF 2018


From inside his yurt deep within the heart of the Taiga, Bayandalai ‒an elder of the Dukhas tribe‒ muses about the significance of life and death in the largest forest on Earth. He is the last of the great reindeer herders of the Taiga.






2018, Spain, 11min

Director: Ignasi Lopez

Best Short Film BMFF 2018


Marcel and Andrezj are great climbers. Despite them having different temperaments they make a formidable team; in which Marcel has always assumed the leading role and the popularity, whereas Andrezj has always played second fiddle. Now they will face the most difficult challenge: reach the unspoiled and virgin summit of the highest mountain. To attain it, they will have to overcome enormous obstacles, endure hardships and overall put up with each other.





2018, Canada, 77min

Director: Grant Baldwin


Martina and her sixty-year-old mother embark on a daunting six-month trek through the treacherous Coast Mountains on the western shores of Canada. Breathtaking scenery apart, throughout their voyage they will encounter inspiring and captivating people.




2018, Austria, 11min

Director: Marten Persiel

Wooo is a fictional character which embodies the fun and excitement David Lama and his friends experience. On this occasion, they leave the mountains in their wake and tackle something new: surfing.






 2018, USA, 46min

Directors: Josh Lowell, Zachary Barr & Peter Mortimer


Every so often an athlete comes along who redefines their sport. Adam Ondra, the 25-year-old Czech crusher, is exploring a new realm of human potential in climbing. Late last year, he established a benchmark for the sport; a 5.15d in Norway he dubbed Silence (as in, drop the mic). On the heels of this ascent, we follow Adam from his home in the Czech Republic, across Europe to North America, as he innovates new training methods, establishes upper echelon first ascents, and attempts to be the first person to flash 5.15a (9a+), to send a 5.15a (9a+) route in the first try.






2018, USA, 20min

Director: Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr & Nick Rosen


It was of great importance for the climbing community when it was announced that climbing was going to be an Olympic sport at the 2020 games. It came as a surprise, however, when it became known that one of the combined disciplines necessary to be in the running for a medal is speed climbing. Become acquainted with this sub-discipline during a journey that ends in Asia, where the “Speed Demons” climb a 15-metre wall in less than six seconds!






2018, France, 53min

Director: Mathieu Le Lay


While the rest of the world slumbers during the darkest, pitch black hours of the night, the photographer Paul Zika braves out into the wilderness in search of the planet’s starriest skies. This quest has him scour the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the wild, desert dunes of Namibia and the remote fjords of Greenland. At the same time balancing his work with his love of his family.





2018, Canada, 23min

Director: Anthony Bonello & Mike Douglas


From when as an adolescent she first reached the summit of Mont Blanc, Liv Sansoz knew that her life would be entwined with mountains. She has been crowned World Champion in sport climbing twice and has also stood out in mixed climbing, skiing and base jumping. At the age of forty, she faces a new challenge: climb the eighty-two, four-thousand-metre Alpine peaks in just one year.





2017, Belgium, 35min

Director: Siebe Vanhee & Guillaume Lion


Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse and Siebe Vanhee return to the “Torres del Paine,” Chile, with the purpose of free climbing one of the most difficult routes in Patagonia: “El regalo de Mwono.” It is a 1,200-metre vertical wall on the eastern face of the Torre Central. A climb coloured with humour, music, commitment and loads of camaraderie on one of the wildest “Big-Wall.”




2018, USA, 20min

Director: Joey Schusler

Premiere in Basque Country

Whilst the other kids were studying, Rajesh Magar was dreaming about bikes. Being unable to afford one, he managed to build a mountain bike for himself. He started to peddle, and along with his drive and raw talent when noticed it lead to a job as a mountain bike guide and opened the door to professional racing. Today Rajesh is Nepal´s national champion and a living proof that it pays to stick to your passion, no matter how implausible it seems.



2018, USA, 6min

Director: Ben Sturgulewski


According to the Pehuenches, a native people from the Andes, the origin of the universe entwines what’s modern, brought by the skiers who explore the impressive volcano in the Corralco region of Chile, and the roar of Mapudungun, the mother tongue of the Earth.






2017, Spain, 52min

Director: Martin Campoy


While he seeks his path in a world new to him, Martín arrives with his bike to a remote spot. There he discovers the last wild river of the Pyrenees: The Ara. From then on he is bonded to its waters, mountains, history and people. This is the story about the fight for the freedom of the river, the fight for adaptation of the people living on the banks of the Ara and the story of an adventurer who lives on the back of his mountain bike chasing a dream.