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MENDI FILM 2019 FULL PACK (Discounted price 145€) 06-12-2019 19:30 14-12-2019 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 OPENING CEREMONY (Discounted price 12€) 06-12-2019 19:30 06-12-2019 21:30 Euskalduna Jauregia
MENDI FILM 2019 1st WEEKEND PACK (Discounted price 50€) 07-12-2019 11:30 08-12-2019 22:30 Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 2nd WEEKEND PACK (Discounted price 38€) 13-12-2019 17:30 14-12-2019 22:30 Sala BBK
MENDI FILM 2019 PACK NON-STOP (Discounted price 28€) 15-12-2019 12:00 15-12-2019 22:00 Sala BBK

Mendi Short 5th edition

The registration for the 5th edition of Bilbao Mendi Film Festival's amateur short film contest is open till 11th November.


 It is an international competition for amateur video-creators. All films relating to the following areas are eligible for submission: alpinism, climbing, mountain and adventure sports, skiing, ecology, the environment, mountain culture...The length of the short lms must be 5 minutes at the most and entrance is restricted to those productions made from the 1st January 2018 onwards.

The awarded short film will be projected during the second weekend of the 11th Bilbao Mendi Film Festival (7-16 December) and will receive the Best Short Film MENDI SHORT 2018 award 

Awarded Films Mendi Short

  • 1st edition (2014): ALPS TRAVELOGUE by Bruno López & Raúl Moreno
  • 2nd edition (2015): PIZTU by Iñaki Urresti & Mikel Urresti
  • 3rd edition (2016): ERANTZUN ZUZENA by Patxi Razkin
  • 4th edition (2017): FANDANGO by Alex Areizaga


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