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BMFF 2018 packs and tickets

Packs´ 1st offer END! More Packs will be available from 15th Sept. onwards.
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Event Event Date Event End Date Location Buy ticket
BMFF 2018 Opening Session 07-12-2018 18:55 07-12-2018 21:00 Euskalduna Jauregia
BMFF 2018 FULL PACK 07-12-2018 19:00 15-12-2018 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 1st WEEKEND PACK 07-12-2018 19:00 09-12-2018 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 2nd WEEKEND PACK 14-12-2018 17:00 15-12-2018 22:30 Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 PACK NON STOP (Sold out. Available again on October 16th) 16-12-2018 10:00 16-12-2018 22:00 Sala BBK

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

Film registration period opened for the 11th BMFF

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival opens the film registration period for its 11th edition, to be held between December 7 and 16. The producers, directors and directors interested, must submit their works before September 15.

Every work related to the following subjects is eligible for submission: alpinism, climbing, mountain and adventure sports, skiing, extreme sports, ecology, environment, ethnography… Participation is restricted to those productions made from the 1st January 2016 onwards.

All the prizes of the Official Section will have an economic endowment in addition to the "Eguzkilore" Trophy. € 23,000 will be distributed in prizes.

  • Grand Prize, Best film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 6,000 euro
  • Best Director: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 3,000 euro
  • Best Photography: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 2,000 euro
  • Best Script: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 2,000 euro
  • Jury Prize: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 2,000 euro
  • Best Mountaineering Film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,500 euro
  • Best Climbing Film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,500 euro
  • Best Sport and Adventure Film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,500 euro
  • Best Mountain Culture & Nature Film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,500 euro
  • Best Film in Basque lenguage: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,000 euro
  • Best Short Film: “Eguzkilore” trophy and 1,000 euro
  • Audience Award: “Eguzkilore” trophy


The bases for the inscription are published in the official web of the BMFF, in the section RULES AND ENTRIES.







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