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BMFF 2018 packs and tickets

Packs´ 1st offer END! More Packs will be available from 15th Sept. onwards.
Don´t miss the opportunity and enjoy MENDI with up to 50% discount!
Event Event Date Event End Date Location Buy ticket
BMFF 2018 Opening Session 07-12-2018 18:55 07-12-2018 21:00 Euskalduna Jauregia
BMFF 2018 FULL PACK 07-12-2018 19:00 15-12-2018 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 1st WEEKEND PACK 07-12-2018 19:00 09-12-2018 22:30 Euskalduna Jauregia - Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 2nd WEEKEND PACK 14-12-2018 17:00 15-12-2018 22:30 Sala BBK
BMFF 2018 PACK NON STOP 16-12-2018 10:00 16-12-2018 22:00 Sala BBK

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

National Geographic Young Explorers

Place: University of Deusto
Day: Wednesday, 13 de diciembre, 10:00-11:30

The National Geographic Society pushes the boundaries of exploration to further understanding of our planet and empower the global community to generate solutions for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Each year the Young Explorer Grant Program, called Early Career Grants since last year, hosts workshops for future Young Explorers. These workshops introduce National Geographic Young Explorer grantees -as well as National Geographic explorers, conservationists, and researchers- to students interested in pursuing grants from National Geographic to support their research or project.

Supported by the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, outstanding young explorer grantees will present their projects and their future plans in the field, in addition to relate their research areas with science communication and engaging with general public. The subsequent round- table discussion and Q&A will be the time to share ideas of field projects and offer advice on the elements of a good grant application.

National Geographic Society
Bilbao Mendi Film Festival
Universidad de Deusto






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