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MENDI FILM 2019 OPENING CEREMONY 06-12-2019 19:30 06-12-2019 21:30 Euskalduna Jauregia


2016, Spain
Director: Eñaut Izagirre
Production: National Geographic
World premiere
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Web: Incognita Patagonia

Exploring the Last Patagonian Icefield

Incognita Patagonia is a combination of exploration, climbing, glacier mapping, and historic research in order to explore and traverse the Cloue Icefield (Hoste island, southern South America), one of the most striking mountaineering challenges still to be achieved in Patagonia, at the heart of a largely unexplored area. Eñaut Izagirre, Ibai Rico and Evan Milles, with National Geographic Young Explorers and Bilbao Mendi Film Festival’s support.


Incognita Patagonia


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