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Panel Talk. Women at the top

Lynn Hill. Katie Ives. Edurne Pasaban. Bernadette McDonald. Catherine Destivelle. Josune Bereziartu
Place: Sala BBK
Day: Saturday, December 9, at 17:15
* Simultaneous translations
Lynn Hill. The best sport climber at the end of the 80s, jousting with Destivelle. She performed the 1st free ascent of ‘The Nose’ in Yosemite valley.
Katie Ives. Editor-in-chief of the ‘Alpinist’ magazine.
Edurne Pasaban. The first woman climber to bag 14 8,000 metre summits 21 in the all time ranking.
Bernadette McDonald. A world reference, “Boardman Tasker Award” mountain literature prize winner. Founder of the Banf Centre for Mountain Culture.
Catherine Destivelle. The best sport climber between 1985 and 1988. In 1990 she did the winter solo of the three legendary alpine mountain faces in one outing.
Josune Bereziartu. The first woman climber to go beyond the 9th grade. She laid down new world records and formed partnerships with the best of the periods male counterparts.

Women at the top


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