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'THE CHALLENGE' with Eneko Atxa and Alberto Iñurrategi

Place: Sala BBK

When: 12/12/2015, 11:30

Two great professionals in their respective fields, the chef Eneko Atxa and the climber Alberto Iñurrategi, will delight us with a talk about something they both know very well: 'THE CHALLENGE'.

Both have faced many challenges. The chef Eneko Atxa to make his way into cookery, open his own restaurant Azurmendi, and get three Michelin stars. The mountaineer Aretxabaleta, Iñurrategi to be is the tenth mountaineer has managed to crown the 14 'eight-thousanders'. Even more than in the numbers Alberto draws attention to style; the example that shows his passion for alpine style is the challenge that he is carrying out with WOPeak.

Both of them will get us into an interesting conversation in which we will discover how it has been their search of the excellence.


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