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ADAM ONDRA CONFERENCE: ‘Slideshow – life of a climber’

Place: Sala BBK

When: 12/12/2015, 19:30

Adam Ondra, the current world champion, lives in Brno, Czech Republic, where he began to climb. He will talk about his beginnings in the sport, near his home, and about his favorite places to climb, as Flatanger, in Norway. It is a perfect granite cave where Adam made the first 9b+, 'Change', and where he planned projects that represent another level, although then he felt weak to carry them out. Therefore he got in touch with Patxi Usobiaga and began to train "for real" in order to try to win the World Championship, but also to make Adam evolve. How is training with Patxi? How have the last two years in competition been? Adam will talk not only about the hardness of the track, but also about how climbing provides him with happiness and freedom. Climbing changed his life for the better, and he also expects to change the life of those who come to his conference.


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