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Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

10 days of cinema that you cannot miss.

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival offers you that and more: mountaineering, climbing, skiing, extreme sports, exploration and issues related to ecology and the environment. All these gathered together in a broad audiovisual programme and in lots of simultaneous activities.

Join the thousands of people who enjoy themselves watching the fifty films we offer, apart from the video and photography workshops, sports clinics, book presentations, exhibitions, competitions, lectures and panel discussions.

In December, Bilbao gets full of climbers, adventurers, athletes, filmmakers, producers and artists of international renown. Since its early beginning in Vitoria-Gasteiz back in 2008, Bilbao Mendi Film Festival has become a major international benchmark of film festivals related to mountaineering, climbing, adventure and extreme sports, becoming in record time one of the most important attractions of the industry.

There will be creativity, inspiration, spreading, training and fun within reach. Come and join the ‘Mendi’ family, a high-mountain festival at sea level.

Eduardo Martinez

President of BMFF

He has been climbing ever since he was a child. Thanks to this hobby, he has been able to travel across half the world. Rock is his favourite element, the environment he enjoys the most, but he has also been lucky enough to climb on skis the Muztagata. He has also been director of the Basque Mountaineering Federation courses, rock and mountain climbing specialist in a TV show called ‘The Edge of the Impossible’, promoter of the mountain races team in Kirolak-Gazteiz club, collaborator in the magazine ‘Runner's World’ and honorary associate professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). He founded the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival with Jabier Baraiazarra and he is the president of the contest since its first edition.

Jabier Baraiazarra

Director of BMFF

Jabi Baraiazarra is founder and director of the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, which he created together with Eduardo Martinez in 2008. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Basque Studies and MA in Communication Studies, but above all, he is a mountaineer. As a cameraman and director, he has worked on short films and documentaries, although his documentaries with Iker and Eneko Pou brothers are the ones that stand out. With them, he performed a project called “7 Walls, 7 Continents”, a piece of work that offered the viewers the opportunity to travel with the Basque mountain climbers to emblematic places of the "7" continents. Founding and organizing the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival was, with no doubt, the best way of spreading his passion for mountains among the audience.

Gorka Baraiazarra

Direction assistant

Mechanic engineer, interested on technology ever since he was a child. He is one of the most versatile people in the festival. He has had lots of different positions: technician, webmaster, production assistant, translator, manager of the international relationships… He is everywhere, always trying to lend a hand and help wherever it is necessary. He is the kind of person who will not stop until he comes up with the right solution. Furthermore he always tries to take time to go cycling or play pelota (jai alai), but especially to play bass and sing with his band.

Josean Cabarcos


He has a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics and he is Senior Technician in Audiovisual and Performances Production. Every time he looks back, he always remembers himself organizing: football and basketball games with friends, trips, dinners, taking care of the money when hanging around... He is not surprised at all by the fact of having ended up producing Bilbao Mendi Mendi Film Festival and directing Mendi TV. The 15 years that he has been working in audiovisual production have taught him that nothing is impossible, that you just need to believe, and that being surrounded by a good team is essential. He believes in Bilbao Mendi Film Festival and in the people who make it possible, but he also works very hard in order to make each edition even better than the previous one. We have to fulfil our dreams, that is his motto.

Itziar Galdos

Image & Guest

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Market Research and a University Degree in Interior Design, Itziar has spent 18 years working in marketing and communication. Apart from the festival, she also works in cultural events related to other sports such as the Martin Fiz Marathon, the Triathlon Vitoria and the Vitoria Tritrail. She started working for the festival in 2010, and some of her duties there involve taking care of the image and attending the main figures and guests. This is, at the same time, an intense and exciting work that gives her the opportunity to know first hand their experiences and projects. She loves every activity related to the mountain and she wouldn’t mind getting lost in the Picos de Europa or Ordesa.

Aitor Elduaien

Press department and Presenter

Not only is he a presenter, entertainer, narrator and interviewer with many resources, but also a journalist with vast experience. He applies now his knowledge in the press department of the Mendifilm, and at the same time he continues with the work of presenter. He is fast, dynamic and able to show diverse facets and registers. For him the perfect plan would be a combination of nature and sport. But if we add the Mendi Film Festival, the plan becomes unbeatable. He has been the presenter of the ‘Mendi’ ever since the first edition, back in 2008. 

Naia Diez

Press Department

She got her degree in Journalism back in 2007. She has been working in different media and communication offices ever since, usually in jobs related to sports. She has been covering the matches of Athletic Club, sailing with Unai Basurko or organizing race competitions, among others. Her favourite hobby has always been reading every kind of books. But she also likes theatre and doing different sports, although she is always looking for a new challenge. Her new aim is to start with mountain racings.

Nerea Falagan

Nerea Falagan

Press and Production Departments

Journalist and photographer, Nerea is always willing to learn new things. She loves Arts and Nature, so she dedicates a large part of her time to photography, to go to the beach or to the mountain, and watch movies. She is always ready to collaborate on the projects in which plunges, as she has done in the Getxophoto Festival and the film Argi. She likes team work, and though she prefers working behind the cameras she is able to act in public.

Arrate Landaluze

Head of the Translation Department

With a BA in Translation and Interpreting and a MA in Audiovisual Translation, this youngster exiled in London has been trying to carve out a future in audiovisual translation. She started working for the Mendi Film Festival back in 2013, where her duties involved both subtitling and interpreting; nowadays, she has become Head of the Translation Department. She describes herself as hard-working, creative, ironic and ambassador of procrastination. Among her innumerable hobbies, we could point out cinema, literature, impressionist art and Athletic. But any plan will be amazing as long as it includes her friends!

Raul Fdez. de Pinedo

Executive producer

He is dedicated to recording, editing and post-producing video for so long he hardly remembers since when. He has worked in all kinds of programs from extreme reality shows, to documentaries about high-mountain. Currently he works among stoves. In the "Mendi" he is responsible for recording and editing small pieces and, mainly, for subtitling and preparing the sessions for the projections. The mountain and the sea are his passions, but lately the upbringing of his children keeps him quite busy.

Aitor Valero Morell


Aitor is a computer engineer, by training and vocation: he is in his element when he is surrounded by computers. We could define him as "geek" or “freak” in the world of computers. When he is not staring at the computer screen, his eyes will be set on his fish tank. It is one of his little treasures, something that brings him in his everyday life what he likes best: the sea. Water is the environment in which he feels more comfortable. He loves fishing and sport diving, although he also moves skilfully well on the parquet flooring, as indoor football referee. He has been the secretary of the festival since its foundation in 2008. 

Aitziber Querendez


Aitziber has a BA in Spanish Literature from the University of Pau (France), and she finished off her education with a Master's Degree at the University of the Basque Country. Her work experience is mainly based on teaching. She has been a French teacher for years, although she has combined this career with other jobs. In the festival, Aitziber is the French interpreter and translator, but she is also responsible for attending to the jury’s needs, so that they can carry out their work better. Always with a smile on her face, her joyful character cheers up both guests and colleagues. She likes going to the mountain and travelling with her bicycle, but, above all, she loves literature.    

Igor Erauskin

Head of  Exhibitions

Igor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Senior Technician in Image and Sound. He has worked in various fields, both in media and teaching, although most of his professional career has been developed in graphic design. Igor works with the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival since 2013. He oversees some of the screenings but, above all, he is in charge of making sure that everything is perfect in the photo exhibitions. His hobbies include all those related to art in its many facets, especially architecture.

Ramon Olasagasti


Ramon Olasagasti is journalist by profession, but nowadays, he translates for a living. Mountain and writing are his favourite hobbies. For fifteen years he has been fortunate enough to be able to combine both passions on the newspapers “Euskaldunon Egunkaria” and “Berria”. Currently “Mendi” gives him the opportunity to continue making inroads into this area, as he makes the subtitles for the movies. In the mountain he has three favourite activities: cross country skiing, downhill skiing and mountain biking. He also loves reading and occasionally writing tales for children. His speciality involves pecking around a bit and enjoying it as much as possible, but above all, as the singer Ruper Ordorika says, taking care of what he loves.






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